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  • I am interested in TaeKwon Do, but not sure if it is for me. Can I try it out?
    Of course. You can try a class for free and, if it is something you decide you are interested in, we can help you through the registration process.
  • My child has special needs. Is martial arts right for him/her?
    Martial Arts trains its students in motor coordination and body movements and helps build confidence. Martial arts can connect the mind and body together more strongly. That being said, Martial Arts is not for everyone, but you can certainly give it a try. Please refer to our "Programs" page for more information.
  • What does TaeKwonDo mean?
    Tae Kwon Do means ‘the way of the hand and foot.’
  • What is a TaeKwonDo Uniform called?
    A Taekwondo uniform is called a DOBOK. It should be white with as few logos on as possible. This symbolizes purity of mind.
  • What equipment do I need to start TaeKwonDo?
    You basically do not need any equipment to start training in Taekwondo. Once you are sure that you would like to train you will need a uniform (dobok) which your instructor can help you obtain upon enrollment. As you progress in your TaeKwonDo journey, you will be introduced to contact training. It is at that point you will need to buy some protective equipment such as a head guard, body protector, forearm guard, shin guard and groin or chest guard. It is required that these items be purchased through the DoJo. Any one of our instructors can help you with this.
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