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About Our Self Defense Program

Self defense (Hosinsul)

Hosinsul (self defense) is one of the four principles of Taekwondo. Although Taekwondo is a "self defense" sport in itself, it focuses on high and spinning kicks which are not very suitable for real life (street) application. Hosinsul is a mixture of all kinds of techniques; including grappling/locks as well as defending against armed attackers etc. Self defense is something that cannot be practiced alone. You will need a partner that has equal strength. You will learn how to react (and how not to react), proper freeing techniques, locks and strangling techniques.

The following techniques are generally (this is not a rule, of course) practiced (where the opponent either uses his body, e.g. hands, a knife or a stick):

  • Control techniques
  • Freeing techniques (Paegi)
  • Termination techniques

You will often see a big resemblance between the self defense techniques used in Taekwondo and those applied in Hapkido.

Linear vs. Circular


There are two sorts of self-defense. (This is a BIG generalization). The hard or linear way and the soft or circular way. In the linear form one uses arms and legs to block a strike of the opponent. The advantage is that there is a direct counter-threat, which results in pain for the opponent. The disadvantage is that this method requires a lot of power and it may look extremely violent for outsiders. The circular form has a different view. Here you use the power and speed of the opponent to neutralize him/her using circular movements. The advantage is that you can neutralize your opponent without hurting him and that no strength is required. The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of skill and practice to come to the necessary level. You will most likely use a combination of both.

Stick and Knife Defense

Stick and Knife Defense

Another thing you can learn is stick and knife defense, we offer an insight to armed and unarmed defense from the Filipino arts. Warriors Academy of Martial Arts offers a well rounded look at using and defending against someone with a stick and knife.


With the stick we use the Modern Arnis as the basis, teaching and using the 12 angles of attack, and then going further into traps, disarms, and unarmed defense from US Army Combatives training.


With the knife training, we use padded and rubber weapons to provide a safe training environment. The techniques we teach are from Kali and Arnis to offer training in an established art that has proven results. We also take the techniques that are taught by COL. Rex Applegate, one of the worlds foremost knife fighting experts.

By using this type of training format we feel the student will be provided the best all around training, not concentrating in one aspect of the Knife and Stick, but accepting the whole gamut of what is offered.