Warriors Academy of Martial Arts Mt Horeb, WI

The Family That Kicks Together, Sticks Together!


TaeKwon-Do is a stand up fighting art; it is sometimes called Korean Karate. TaeKwon-Do has two distinct areas; one is the art that includes forms, or hyungs, which are pre-set patterns that depict a fight against a fictitious opponent. These patterns are anywhere from twenty to forty-eight separate movements put together. TaeKwon-Do literally translates to the way of the hand and foot. There are several different kicks and strikes that are used in TaeKwon-Do making it a versatile art that will improve your balance and physical fitness as well as your confidence and self image.  We have a slightly different cirriculum that is used for kids versus adults so here there are slightly different belt ranks.


Chanbara is the game of tag using padded weapons. There are specific area that are targets for striking that are focused on making this a game of precision as well. Warriors Academy focuses on the Short Sword or Kodachi, and the Long Sword or Choken. These weapons are the base of the Chanbara. There are five areas of striking: the head (men), the hand (Kote), the body (Do), the leg (Ashi), and the thrust to the chest or throat (Tsuki)*.

In Chanbara, there are several drills involved that lead to sparring matches as well for the students. We do matches to three points, these matches are fast paced and exciting for not only those participating but the audience as well.  You can really feel the excitement in the air when you watch these matches.


* Denotes Japanese pronunciation.