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Elite Program

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Elite Tuition
$100.00every month until canceled
  • Warriors Academy of Martial Arts

    Tuition Policy

    Warriors Academy of Martial Arts (WAMA) asks that all members follow posted school rules. Please check the website or Warriors Academy of Martial Arts, LLC Mount Horeb WI Facebook page for updates.  

    Tuition: When you sign up for the first 3 months, the pricing is as follows:

    • Little Warriors - $80 / month
      • 2nd Family Member - $70 / month
      • 3rd Family Member - $60 / month
    • Juniors & Adults - $90 / month
      • 2nd Family Member - $75 / month
      • 3rd Family Member - $60 / month
    • Student Uniforms - $30 each
    • Elite - $100 / month
    • Elite Student Uniforms - $90 each

    The standard rate is $300.  There is a $50 discount if paid in full the day you sign up.

    Tuition is due on the 1st of each month, regardless of when you enrolled.  Once your account is five days late there is a $10 late fee. Whether you attend classes or not you are still responsible for all payments.  If you would like to opt for auto-renewal, please ensure you have a completed Credit Card authorization form on file.  It is your responsibility to keep your personal information up to date.  Returned check NSF Fee $25 plus any added late fees. WAMA is a family-run school, so your timely tuition is appreciated.

    Testing Requirements: If you are testing, it is required that you: (1) are current on your tuition, (2) have paid your testing fee at least 24 hours prior to the test, (3) arrive on time for the test.

    Student Referral Bonus: It is appreciated if students and parents recommend others to our academy. Student referrals help the school keep costs down and help you save money. If you refer a student, and that student stays for 3 months, you will receive a $45 dollar credit toward your tuition. 

    Attendance:  When you join you will receive a student card which is used to log in your attendance. We recommend students attend a minimum of 2 classes per week. It is the student’s responsibility to collect their card before they bow into class.  The cards will be collected and logged by one of our instructors.  It is very important that you check-in your card at every visit to maintain the credits needed to advance in your training and to have the credits needed to qualify for your next belt exam.

    Additional Fees: The only additional fees besides tuition are equipment fees, extra uniforms, t-shirts, tournaments, and belt exams. Belt exams cover exam supplies and help cover and supplement equipment costs and added operational fees. There are NO Refunds on Tuition or Belt Exams.

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