Warriors Academy of Martial Arts Mt Horeb, WI

The Family That Kicks Together, Sticks Together!



Mr. Chuck Lovelace Sr.

contact him at clovelace@warriorsama.com


Mr. Lovelace is a retired Army Veteran after having served for 18 years. He is married and has two children. His Martial Arts training began at a young age with his father teaching him self-defense based off of his own martial arts training in Shotokan-ryu. To date, Mr. Lovelace currently has a 4th Degree Black Belt under Master Guy Lee Fields, a Cho Dan Bo (Provisional Black Belt) in Bahk-Do-Kwan TaeKwon-Do, a Brown Belt in Sport Karate, and is a Combatives instructor for his Army Reserve Center.


His love of the arts comes not only from the discipline and self-confidence it gives you, but also from the health benefits. Mr. Lovelace suffered a bad neck injury in 2004 and it was the Martial Arts that helped him recover after spinal surgery. He truly believes that the Martial Arts is for everyone regardless of age and physical capabilities. Mr. Lovelace is still training and moving forward as a student himself as he trains to the next level.


Mr. Lovelace has been recently accepted as the Wisconsin State Rep. for the KoreJa Do Christian Martial Arts Association. This is a Global Martial Arts Association for Christians and Schools. Visit them a www.korejado.org.


His favorite thing about teaching is watching children grow and mature with the Martial Arts. His favorite classes are Fit Boxing Forms and Chanbara.

A short message to you all.

I cannot thank all of you enough for the support and dedication that was shown to my Family and School while I was in Afghanistan. Everyone talks about the heroes that are in the military and in the emergency services, but it seems to me that the ones that are forgotten are the families and friends of those who are out doing the job. While I have heard several times "you do a job no one wants" that is not necessarily true, I love being a soldier and I LOVE serving our great country, politics and opinions aside. We live in the greatest country in the world! On the other hand, my family and friends did the job no one wanted and no one expected them to do, they kept Warriors Academy up and running and made sure that our vision of equality and acceptance in Martial Arts was passed on while I went sightseeing on the other side of the world. In the future when you thank a soldier or a service person regardless of their choice of job remember to thank their families too they do the real work and the real hurting while the rest of us are out traveling around. Thank you all family, friends, students and God Bless you!

Sensei Chuck



Ms. Jennifer Lovelace

contact her at jlovelace@warriorsama.com


Ms. Jennifer Lovelace is the program director for Warriors Academy. She helps keep all of the paperwork and administration of the school under control. Mrs. Lovelace is a Second Degree Black Belt and instructor at Warriors Academy whose favorite classes include Fit Boxing, and Sparring. She can help you order new uniforms or help with any contract or payment problems you have.  Feel free to contact her at jlovelace@warriorsama.com with any questions you have.


Mr. Jake Prochaska
4TH Dan Warriors TKD
1st Degree Black Belt Sport Karate

Mr. Prochaska came to Warriors when we were still in the basement of the church and has been helping with the children's programs since we started them. He was promoted to Instructor and given the Little Warriors Class to manage and take off with in March of 2009. In December 2012 Mr. Prochaska became the youngest person promoted to 3rd Degree by Master Moyle and Grand Master Fields at the age of 19, he was also then awarded his Head Instructor Certification for his work in the development of curriculum and implementation of the Little Warriors Program.

Mr. Prochaska is now one of two Lead Instructors for the Juniors program and has been assisting in our Black Belt Candidate Program. He has been a valuable and much appreciated individual at Warriors Academy. As time goes on Mr. Prochaska continues to sharpen and improve his Martial Arts skills not only as a practitioner but also as a teacher. He is currently a Junior at UW Platteville studying Criminal Justice. 


Mr.Nathaniel "Nate" Lovelace 
2nd Dan Warriors TKD

Mr. Nate has been training in Martial Arts for over 11 Years. He began training in Sport karate at the age of five and continued training with Master Moyle in Tae Kwon Do. He is currently a Second Degree Black Belt who has been taking the lead in the Juniors program since Mr. Prochaska left for College in 2012. Mr. Nate is affectionately known as out Martial Arts "Dictionary" since he has such a wonderful retention capability. Mr. Nate has been helping teach or do warm ups since he was a Green belt and his favorite classes are Sparring and Self Defense. He is currently 18 and Mount Horeb High School Graduate looking to go to college to obtain his Bachelors Degree in Fire Science and Paramedic Credentials. 

Grand Master Guy Lee Fields

Grand Master Guy Lee Fields, Owner/Master Instructor Fields Self Defense Specialists.

          Master Fields serves as the Instructor and Master for Both Mr. Moyle and Mr. Lovelace. His unique approach to the martial arts as a whole makes his teaching a valuable and welcomed insight at Warriors Academy of Martial Arts. Master Fields is a High School Teacher in Madison, and also runs his own School Fields Self Defense Specialist in Madison WI. He has been training in the Maritial Arts for over 30 years and is still competing as well as learning.

More info to come soon...

Master William Michael (Mike) Moyle

Mr William Michael (Mike) Moyle Master Instructor/ Owner BudoSport

    Mr. Moyle has been taking Martial Arts for almost thirty years. He is currently a 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do under Master Guy Lee Fields, and a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kun Taw under Master Tim Champion. Mr. Moyle recently received his Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is now offering classes at Warriors in traditional Jiu Jitsu on Friday nights. He serves as Mr. Lovelace's Instructor both at Warriors and at his own School Budo Sport. He is married and has three children.


2nd Dan Warriors TKD

Mr. Christopher Ranere received his instructor rating as a Brown Belt. He began his martial arts training in late 2008, seeking to balance his hectic work and social life. Mr. Ranere loves teaching the Juniors class , especially forms and combinations. He enjoys the Juniors fun/carefree style of learning the art. His favorite class to take is Warriors Elite, mainly when we are working with weapons such as Arnis Sticks and the Bo. Tae Kwon Do has given Mr. Ranere a better sense of self control and a far better grasp on controlling his emotions, as well as the inner peace he was initially searching for.